December 3, 2023
Beer TikTok Videos

Beer TikTok Videos

Who doesn't enjoy a cold beer? Maybe a hazy IPA. We have done extensive research to find the top beer TikTok videos.

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer? Maybe a hazy IPA. Beer is always a fun social media topic. I really enjoy watching beer reaction videos and reviews. There is something satisfying about watching someone crack open a can and take the first sip. We have done extensive research to find the top beer TikTok videos.

1. Tiktok Beer Poster Trend

What is the beer trend on TikTok? TikTok viral challenges are all the rage. The beer poster trend is about posting a photo of yourself that looks like a beer poster from back in the day. It is similar to the Vogue cover challenge. Pick your beer of choice and make sure to add the hashtag #beerposter.

2. The Blonde Brewer Tiktok

The #theblondebrewer is a popular beer TikTok profile run by Jaron & Maggie. It is more comedy than beer. They own a brewery together and got popular on TikTok doing comedy skits. I guess people like watching a couple play pranks and be mean to each other.

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3. Rusty Ranks Beers TikTok

Rusty Featherstone is a popular TikTok content creator. I think it is the mustache that keeps me coming back. He starts off every video by stating that he is going to pick a beer, drink twelve of them, and give it a score. #rustyranksbeers. Again, more comedy than anything.

4. TikTok Shotgun Beer

How could you have an app popular among college age folks and not end up with an instructional video on how to shotgun a beer? I find this funny because it so serious and thorough. A Coors Light is a good choice for shotgunning. In addition, you can find unlimited videos of dudes shotgunning beers on TikTok.

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5. Whatthepint

The beer TikTok videos list wouldn’t be complete without some content serious beer drinkers could get behind. This creator provides some solid straightforward beer reviews. The comedy type of videos like the one below gets more love. But that is TikTok.

6. Chicagobeer

Frankly, I am more about the serious beer reviews. I like watching someone really dig in. I want a beer drinker that has a strong vocabulary and picks up on the subtle things. This dude has some solid beer reviews. While there is goofy videos and comedy mixed in this is something beer aficionados can get something out of it.

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