December 3, 2023
Benji Krol TikTok

Benji Krol TikTok

Benji Krol is a popular social media star born in Brazil. We do a deep dive on the most popular Benji Krol TikTok vidoes.

Who Is Benji On TikTok?

Benji Krol is a popular TikToker and social media star from Brazil. He is now based out of Madrid, Spain. He got his start on social media posting to Instagram in 2013. He rose to fame posting funny videos, lip syncing clips, and memes to popular songs on TikTok.

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How Did Benji Krol Get Famous?

Benji Krol has stated that he has always wanted to be an actor and enter the entertainment industry. He has used social media to get a jump start on this career. According to The Teen Mag he “first gained popularity on video-sharing site TikTok in 2019 for his dreamy-aesthetic videos, loveable personality, and makeup-process videos”.

Benji Krol Compiliation

This video is a great place to get started for those new to Benji’s content. He posted a compilation video to celebrate his success on the platform. Can you believe that he has billion likes? What a crazy number. You will see he posts an eclectic mix of videos.

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in honor of 20 billion i recreated my most popular tiktoks in one vid 😎✨

♬ original sound – Benji Krol

Benji Krol Makeup

Many of the Benji Krol TikTok videos are makeup related creations. This ranges from a cosplay of the boy-version of Vanellope von Schweetz (a character from Wreck-It Ralph) to videos of Benji in terrifying clown makeup. The clip below is Benji trying out an interesting filter that shows the color of users hair, eyes, cheeks, skin, and lips.

Benji Krol Eating

Videos do not have to be complicated to go viral on TikTok. This is a video of Benji syncing up his Shabu Shabu meat cooking to a song’s rhythm. How is this so entertaining?

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that was good @tritanttv

♬ domino x pon mi – soobin

Most Popular Benji Krol TikTok Videos

Did Benji Krol Go To The Hospital?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Being a social media star comes with some very serious pressures. He found himself in the middle of a controversy after being accused of child grooming. He found himself again a topic on the internet rumor mill when his nudes were leaked on the internet (after getting hacked).

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