February 24, 2024

Have you ever needed to lift or move a branch, tree, pole, or other cylindrical object? You may have noticed that it’s difficult to tie a rope onto such an object because most knots will slip around after you start pulling.

Enter the Timber Hitch. The Time Hitch cinches down so that it stays in place as you pull on the rope. It is also strong, easy to tie, and perhaps most importantly it is easy to untie when you are done.

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Uses for the Timber Hitch knot:

  • Quickly tie the end of a rope around a tree or post.
  • It’s great for dragging or pulling items because of its tendency to cinch down tight.
  • Camping: Secure your tarp, tent, or mosquito net to a fixed object.
  • Work: The Timber Hitch is great to bind and lift heavy items. And it is always easy to untie when you are done.
  • Boating: You can use it to tow floating objects.
  • Music: The Timber Hitch is used to attach the strings on most stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, and more.

Timber Hitch By @pathfindersurvival

This clear and concise video shows a perfect Timber Hitch. In this video it is tied around a stout wooden post. Notice that a few extra turns are used to ensure that the slippery synthetic rope stays in place.

This knot is so easy to tie. Just wrap the rope once around the post, then bring it back and around itself three to five times.

Timber Hitch By @learngooder

This sweet instructional video shows a Timber Hitch tied to a tree trunk. As you can see it only takes a few seconds to tie this strong and handy knot.

This would be a great way to secure your hammock or a ridge line for your tarp. Or simply use it to hang your backpack up off the ground where it is out of the mud and easier to get to.

Hauling A Log With The Timber Hitch

This video by @tjb270 shows how to use a Timber Hitch to haul a log. Notice the use of an additional Half Hitch towards the end of the log. This helps to stabilize the log and keep it pointed in the right direction as it moves along the ground.

Some people call this version the Killick Hitch. It is also great for boating or any other situation where you want to pull or tow an item that it behind you.


Timber Hitch. Great for hauling logs/objects. #Knots #Mustknow

♬ original sound – Tyler Busch

Cinching Timber Hitch Stays Tight

This AWESOME variation of the Timber Hitch cinches down to stay tight on unruly objects. @pathfindersurvival demonstrates how it can be used to wrap a blanket and hold it tight. I like TikTok because I can learn new things like this every day.

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