February 24, 2024

Dating back to antiquity, the venerable bowline is one of the most trusted and versatile knots in the world. This knot has above average strength and can be untied even after very heavy loads are applied. Other knots tend to jam under heavy loads.

There are many ways to tie a Bowline. One great thing about Tiktok videos is that we can quickly see instructional videos from millions of people around the world. Keep reading to see the best Tiktok videos about Bowline knots.

Uses for the Bowline knot:

  • Make a fixed loop in the end of a line.
  • Camping: Tie off your guy lines to your tent, tarp, or other shelter.
  • Boating: Used to tie off various parts of the sail and for various utility roles. Hence the name. Bow line.
  • Climbing: The Bowline is strong enough for climbing although most people recommend the addition of a safety knot because it can come undone when lightly loaded on stiff rope.
  • Rescue: Due to its speed and strength the Bowline knot is sometimes used in rescue scenarios.
  • Hand holds: The Bowline, especially the Bowline on a bight variation, is great for putting loops in a rope to help you grab onto it.

Bowline Instructions TikTok

In this TikTok video, @theknottylist walks us through the classic bowline knot. Performed on a single strand of kernmantle rope with the tail ending inside the loop, this is the most common form of the knot which can be used for anything from holding your tent up to towing a car or more!

@theknottylist #knots #climbing #trending #fyp #diy #ropetutorial #rope #bowline ♬ Close Eyes – DVRST

Bowline On A Bight

This version of the bowline is performed on a bight. Meaning that it can be tied anywhere along the length of the rope, not just at the end. One disadvantage is that you need to wrap the knot over itself so you cannot readily tie the knot around another object.

@theknottylist Bowline on a bite #knots #climbing #rigging #trending #fyp #diy #ropetutorial #rope #bowline ♬ Close Eyes – DVRST

The Flying Bowline

TikTok is great because you can learn life hacks and other tricks that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Did you know it’s possible to tie a “flying bowline”? Check out this video from @duorosetrapeze:

@duorosetrapeze For everyone who asked. Here is a Flying Bowline Tutorial #knot #magic #rope #surprise ♬ original sound – DuoRoseTrapeze

One-handed Knots TikTok

One great thing about the bowline is that it can be tied one-handed. You would be surprised how often this comes in handy. If you are tying an object in place you often need at least one hand to stabilize the object, which makes knot tying difficult. If you are into rock climbing and the object you are stabilizing is your own body, that adds another level of difficulty. Fortunately @knot.tok has a great one-handed bowline demonstration. Check it out!

@knot.tok #answer to @travis_1214_ One Hand Body Bowline for personnel recovery purposes. #searchandrescue #bowline #knottying #knotok #knots #knot #fyp ♬ Friendships – Pascal Letoublon

How To Tie A Bowline Under Tension

Most methods for tying a bowline do not work when the rope is already under tension. But @first_class_amateur has figured out a way to perform this task!

@first_class_amateur Tie a bowline under tension! #knot #ropetutorial #paracord ♬ original sound – First Class Amateur

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