February 24, 2024

Ah, TikTok. This social media platform has taken the world by storm. I like TikTok because you can learn all kinds of skills and life hacks. Have you ever heard of the Clove Hitch knot? This knot is great for tying a rope onto a round object, such as a stick or pole.

Clove Hitch Knots On TikTok

In this video, @lineman86 shows us two common methods to tie a Clove Hitch. The first method involves taking the end of the rope and passing it around a pole. The second method is where you form two loops in the air and then pass them over the end of the pole. It’s good to be familiar with both of these methods because you may not always have ready access to the end of the rope, or the end of your object.

Clove Hitch Instructions

My favorite knot instructor @knot.tok shows a perfect Clove Hitch on his TikTok feed. It is interesting to see that he is using the Clove Hitch to tie one rope onto another rope. Clever!


Clove Hitch is quickly tied but is only secure if pulled in one direction. #hitch #fyp #knottok #knottying #knotok #rope #teaching .

♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

One-Handed Clove Hitch On A Carabiner For Climbing

For folks who are into extreme sports like rock climbing, it is imperative to know your knots. Your life might depend on them! The Clove Hitch is often used to tie a climbing rope onto a carabiner in order to secure the climber to an anchor. This one-handed version of the knot by @beingmanda is perfect for when you are holding on for dear life. Before you get too creative, remember that the Clove Hitch slips under load. So as a climbing knot it should only be tied into a long rope or closed system so that you cannot slide off the end.


A quick one handed clove hitch, incase your other hand is busy. #rockclimbing #howtoclimb #knot #climbing

♬ original sound – Amanda Ramsay

Another One Handed Clove Hitch — Trick Method

Have you ever needed to tie a knot in a hurry? We don’t always have the time to mess around with a knot. In those circumstances you want to be able to whip out a know instantly. Joshua with @betaclimbers shows us how he can instantly tie a Clove Hitch with one hand:

@betaclimbers This is a super useful skill! If you like these be sure to follow I’ll make some more. 🤙🏻 #climb #climbing #knots ♬ original sound – Joshua Perry

Clove Hitch Knot For Boating

The most iconic use of the Clove Hitch is to tie a rope onto a big log or post. As you can see in this video from @galeforcetwins, this is perfect for when you need to secure your boat onto a dock but there are no cleats available. It is interesting to see that she backs it up with a Clove Hitch. Clever!

Clove Hitch Boy Scouts

Anyone who was in Boy Scouts learned the Clove Hitch knot. This video clearly shows the exact method that has been taught in Scouts for generations. This method is great for teaching because you can clearly see the “X” that is formed by the two halves of the knot, and then you simply pass the free end of the rope under the “X”.

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