February 24, 2024

The Figure Eight Follow Through knot, often used in climbing, is one of the strongest knots that can be tied. It is deceptively simple-looking, and many instructors do not cover all the nuances of tying this knot. Here are some great TikTok videos on the Figure Eight knot.

Uses for the Figure Eight knot:

  • Due to its strength, simplicity, and tendency to keep itself tied, the Figure Eight is trusted by recreational climbers to tie their safety rope onto their harness.
  • The Figure Eight makes a good stopper knot at the end of your line.
  • When used as a Flemish Bend it can connect two ropes together.
  • The Figure Eight on a bight is great when you need a loop and do not have access to either end of the rope.
  • The Figure Eight is great when you need to tie a rope around an anchor and you really don’t want it to come undone.

Unlike the Bowline knot, the Figure Eight does not tend to shake loose even when it is lightly loaded and tied in stiff rope. That is a great advantage for climbing because an untied knot could be dangerous. It also has a distinctive shape that makes it easy to inspect. That way you can easily detect any mistakes.

@theknottylist Figure Eight Knot

Our favorite TikTok knot instructor provides clear guidance on how to tie a clean Figure Eight. I put this video first because it shows how easy it is to tie this knot. First you make the “8” shape. Then you take the end and retrace the Figure Eight pattern, leaving you with a strong loop. After that it is simply a matter of cleaning up any bits that look messy or cross over one another, then tighten.

Tie In With Figure Eight TikTok

The Figure Eight knot is often used to tie into a climbing harness. That’s because the knot is very strong and tends to stay tied. Desirable qualities when your life depends on a knot! Want to learn it from a firefighter, @landscapewolf? Watch below!


CLIMBING 101. This is a basic double figure of 8 knot used to tie into your clinging harness. Demonstrated by the sexy, Mat.. 😂#trust #sportclimbing #strong #climber #whipper #strong #indoorclimbingwall #leadclimbing #fun #indoorclimbing #love #instruction #instructional #demonstrate #101 #sport

♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Figure Eight Climbing Harness TikTok

Here is another video showing how to use a Figure Eight to tie in to a climbing harness. There are numerous different methods to tying this knot. That’s why TikTok is great — we get to learn from so many people.

@beingmanda is careful to demonstrate how to correctly run the loop through the harness, and also how to dress the knot. Nice!


Reply to @darragh_creagh The rope is plenty strong, but needs to be checked regularly. Most common tie in knot: figure 8. #climbingrope #howtoclimb #rockclimbing #safetyfirst

♬ original sound – Amanda Ramsay

Figure Eight On A Bight

The Figure Eight is one of the faster and easier knots to tie on a Bight. That means that you can tie it even if you don’t have access to an end of the rope. In this TikTok video, @knot.tok demonstrates a particularly effective method to tie this version of the knot.


A figure 8 loop can quickly be tied on a bite. It is the standard knot for climbing and tying in your harness. Figure 8 is the strongest knot in terms of line strenght reduction. #fyp #knottok #knot #teaching #knots #rope #line #knotok #knottying #boatswainsmate #sailor #climbing

♬ Four Walls and an Amplifier – Brock Berrigan

Figure Eight Ninja Method

Did you know that some variants of the Figure Eight are more likely to jam than others? It all depends on where the load-bearing line ends up within the knot. In this video you will see my favorite method to tie this knot quickly. In addition, this video details exactly how to perform the follow-through to get a perfect Figure Eight knot every time.

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