December 3, 2023
JT Barnett TikTok

JT Barnett TikTok

JT Barnett is a former professional hockey player turned social media content creator. We look at the most popular JT Barnett TikTok videos.

JT Barnett is a former professional hockey player turned social media content creator. He makes content which helps brands and creators make better social media content. During the last few years brands have been desperate to get on TikTok. JT Barnett has made a business around this market. In this article we take a look at the most popular JT Barnett TikTok videos.

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Who Is JT Barnett?

JT Barnett is a thirty year old that resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He got his start playing nine years of professional hockey. He played in multiple leagues including the Western Hockey League, ECHL, and the Kontinental Hockey League. Now, he is social media personality and influencer.

Why Is JT Barnett Famous?

JT Barnett is all over social media. You will find him on TikTok, YouTube, podcasts, etc. In addition to his personal TikTok account he was the cofounder of Honey House. Honey House was a creator hive in LA. It was a group of high profile content creators that lived together and made content all day. This was similar to Hype House but for older creators. He now runs an agency that helps big brands with social media content creation.

What Is The JT Barnett TikTok Masterclass?

The TikTok Masterclass is a series to help brands perform better on TikTok. TikTok offers ridiculous organic reach. But brands have to approach the platform differently than legacy media. This is where JT Barnett comes in. It is all about creating authentic value driven content.

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What Is BarnettX?

BarnettX is the TikTok strategy and recruiting team founded by JT. The company creates organic content to help brands perform better on the platform.

1. 75 Videos In Two Days

Some people make being a content creator look easy. This is what is really takes to succeed!

2. The Ultimate Guide To Using Notion

Notion is a productivity and note taking application. In this video JT gives a rundown of how he uses it to run his business.

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3. Founder Influencers

In this video JT captures the new trend of founder influencers. People that are documenting the process of building a company. Then becoming a personality themselves through the process. An interesting take.

From Pro Hockey To Content Creator

This is an inspiring story for anyone looking to pivot in the social media and influencer space!

How Brands Go Viral

Are you interested in performing better on TikTok? Learn some tips and tricks from JT Barnett.

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