February 24, 2024

Two Half Hitches is one of the most basic and useful knots. It is often used to tie a rope or cord onto an object. One really handy thing is that this knot can be tied while the line is already under tension.

  • Two Half Hitches is considered to be a “general purpose hitch.” Meaning that it is useful in almost any situation that you want to tie a rope to a fixed object.
  • It has been used since antiquity to tie boats to fixed objects so that they cannot drift away.
  • In camping it is very useful when building guy lines and many other chores around camp.
  • Secure your dog’s leash or your horse’s reins to a fence post.
  • Great for backing up another knot such as the Bowline when you want a little extra security.

Two Half Hitches By @untangledwisdom

This 14-second video shows you everything you need to know about tying the Two Half Hitches knot. Nice!


Two Half Hitches, basic knot used to secure a line to an object or secure a line under load in conjunction with other knots. Secure, easy to untie, gotta love the basics!! #knot #knots #knottok #knotstutorial #rope #twohalfhitchesknot #hitch #skills #wisdom #teaching #fyp #foryou #quotes #jamescameron

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Round Turn And Two Half Hitches TikTok

This variation of the knot incorporates a round turn. Which is to say, the line is wrapped an extra time around the object. This provides significantly more friction and security.


Round loop and two half hitches with extra loop for added security. #fyp #knot #knottying #teaching #knotok #hitch

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Two Half Hitches And Taut-Line Hitch Boy Scouts

Two Half Hitches and it’s close cousin, the Taut-Line Hitch are required knowledge in Boy Scouts. Watch @adultboyscout demonstrate his skills!

Double Slipped Two Half Hitches On TikTok.com

When a knot is “slipped”, it is tied in a way that is quick to untie. This unique version of the Two Half Hitches knot from @knot.tok is “double slipped”, which gives it a little extra security while still requiring only a flick of the wrist to untie.


A double slipped half hitch is secure and strong, but use a long slip loop if it is supporting critical loads. #fyp #knottying #knotok #knots #boatswainsmate #teaching #climbing #knottok #knotsandcues #knotty #arborist #hitch #knot

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