February 24, 2024
TikTok #baseballcards

TikTok #baseballcards

The team at Legends of TikTok has put together a list of the best TikTok #baseballcards videos. It offers something for every collector.

Social media has changed the baseball card hobby. It has made it possible for anyone to look at super high end cards. Also, it is an exciting place to watch other enthusiasts break open packs. The team at Legends of TikTok has put together a curated list of the best TikTok #baseballcards videos. It offers something for every collector.

Discover Popular Baseball Card Videos

1. Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Auto

I love autograph cards. It makes it easier for me to justify spending ridiculous sums on a piece of paper. Nothing is more beautiful than watching someone pull at 60k card out a pack. This auto refractor Bowman Chrome card is a beautiful site.

2. 1952 Topps Micky Mantle

In general, I am impressed with the videos from @findyourtrove. Baseball card lovers will not be disappointed. This Mickey Mantle card is worth around thirty million dollars. Perfectly centered, brilliant color, four incredible corners. What do you even do with a card worth this much?

3. 50 Signatures On One Card

I almost didn’t believe this was a real. This 2019 Topps Luminaries card has signatures of fifty of the MLB’s greatest sluggers. This includes both Vladimir Guerrero and Vladimir Guerrero Jr! There is only one of these cards in existence and it is amazing.


Is this the craziest sports card ever?!? 🤯 How much do you think this is worth? 🤔💸 @jaspys #foryou #sportscards #mlb #fyp #baseballcards

♬ original sound – Goldin

4. Baseball Cards Walmart

I love watching people going to store to buy baseball cards. I don’t know why. It is the simplest thing, but I find it amusing. Many retailers have actually stopped carrying sports cards because customers were getting too aggressive. Baseball card collectors would go crazy and buy everything the moment the store stocked the shelves. While @americanarbitrage doesn’t pull a Luis Robert, it is worth a watch.

5. 1986 Topps Baseball Card Will Clark Rookie

This is one of the most popular TikTok #baseballcards videos. Just because it is funny. This collector has went all in on the classic 1986 Topps Will Clark rookie card. He must have thousands of copies of this single card.

6. Wander Franco PSA 10

Everyone knows that baseball card collecting is all about the rookie cards. Topps Series 1 packs are reasonable priced and available to anyone. Still, a PSA 10 Wander Franco is worth a couple grand. Not bad.

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