December 3, 2023
TikTok Boat Trend

TikTok Boat Trend

Are you wondering what the viral TikTok boat trend is all about? Don't worry. We got you covered.

There is a new viral TikTok trend where users put a picture of their head on a small boat sailing into the night. The eight second clip is set to the Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from the film Titanic. There is something mesmerizing about watching these videos. There is a reason the video template has been used over fourteen million times.

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How To Create The Titanic Boat Effect?

This is easy. Download the app CapCut. This is a TikTok editing app. The boat sailing clip is a ready to go template. All you have to do is select a video or photo from your camera roll.

CapCut Boat Template Step By Step Instructions

The Best Boat Trend TikTok Videos

There are many fun ways to make use of the viral boat trend. My favorite are videos that have captions describing a situation that someone would theoretically be sailing away from. For example, I have seen multiple videos where someone said something along the lines of “Leaving TikTok because User123 said stick to making YouTube videos”. You get the idea!

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1. Sofia Vergara Boat Trend Video

Sofia Vergara is a model and actress. She is best known for her role on Modern Family. She recently jumped on the boat TikTok trend. She posted the caption “Leaving the party that has bad cake to a better party with better cake”. This is the best part of the boat trend. It can be that simple.

Click here to check out her post on Instagram!

2. Jena @themelbourne.mum

Jena has perfectly captured the paradox of TikTok. You can put so much effort into making high quality videos without a lot of traction. Then you jump on a short viral trend and get million of views. This is the world of TikTok.

3. Cathy @Pawsforacause

This video by Cathy is spot on. It shows the experience of most unhip TikTok users. All of sudden people started seeing a bunch of these boat videos without explanation. How did it start? Why is it so popular? With TikTok there is not always clear answer to these questions.

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4. @dermalogicauk

TikTok trends are big business opportunities for companies. They are an easy way to cash in on some views for cheap. There is no shortage of companies getting massive engagement by jumping on the Titanic boat trend.


guys please don’t get me fired and also browse our skin kits via our bio x #skincare #boattrend #titanictrend

♬ Titanic flute fail – Funny/Awesome Vids

5. @c_091x

Some of these videos are just silly. The trend has went on for so long that you can pretty much put anything in the captions. This user is asking a truly deep question. Why is Snoop Dogg able to light up anywhere?

6. @blippi

This is one of those classic boat trend videos where @blippi is responding to a user that told him to go back to YouTube.


sorry user6353256, my social media manager won’t let me quit🤷‍♂️ #blippi #blippifan #boat #boattrend #genz

♬ Titanic flute fail – Funny/Awesome Vids

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