February 24, 2024
TikTok Boulevard of Broken Dreams

TikTok Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This may be Green Day's best song. The Legends Of TikTok team has put together a list of the top TikTok Boulevard Of Broken Dreams videos.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day has to be one of the best songs of the early 2000’s. It made the American Idiot album a staple for any child or teenager growing up at this time. It also marks the pinnacle of Green Day’s popularity. Did you know the chords and rhythm to this song are the same as the Oasis hit Wonderwall? The Legends Of TikTok team has put together a list of the top TikTok Boulevard Of Broken Dreams videos.

1. How To Sing Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

This video is for all those aspiring singers out there. TikTok is a great place to get bite sized music lessons. Also, it is impressive to watch Peter Hollens harmonize this song in bass, baritone, and tenor.


HOW TO SING Boulevard of Broken Dreams by @Green Day🤘🏻#howtosing #acapella #harmonybuilder #singingchallenge #greenday @peterhollens 👀

♬ original sound – Peter Hollens

2. Codfish Beatbox

Codfish is a big deal on TikTok. He is a beatbox guy. He doesn’t let us down with this beat box cover of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.


I did a Beatbox Cover of ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ what do y’all think? 🎤😊 #beatbox #music

♬ original sound – Codfish Beatbox

3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams Original

We couldn’t put a TikTok Boulevard of Broken Dreams list together without including the original. This is a video of Billie Joe Armstrong playing an acoustic version of the song at home during the pandemic. He is one of those singers who sounds just as good live as the studio version. This video went viral because his dog interrupts his at home performance.

4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams Country

Is Boulevard of Broken Dreams copied from Wonderwall? The chords for Boulevard Of Broken dreams are E minor, G, D, and A. This is a very common chord progression. The rhythm and chords of this song are identical to Wonderwall. Noel Gallagher from Oasis was quoted stating “They should have the decency to wait until I am dead [before stealing my songs]. I, at least, pay the people I steal from that courtesy.” This is a strong statement. In my opinion, it is a common chord progression. Even though it has a similar rhythm the song doesn’t really sound anything like Wonderwall. Check out this country style cover of the famous Green Day song.

5. Among Us Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Anyone play the video game Among Us? This video is simply a conversation with two players going back and forth with the song lyrics. It is sort of amusing. But how did this get 1.5 million likes? It is mind blowing.

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