February 24, 2024
TikTok #guitarpedal

TikTok #guitarpedal

We are obsessed with guitar pedals. The Legends of TikTok teams has put together a list of the top TikTok #guitarpedal influencers.

I am obsessed with guitar pedals. I can never accumulate enough. There are so many little nuances that intrigue me. They unleash my creativity and let me approach songwriting in a novel way. TikTok is a great place to learn about new pedals. The Legends of TikTok team has put together a list of the top TikTok #guitarpedal influencers.

Discover Popular Guitar Pedal Videos

1. Froggy Pedal

Not all guitar pedals make sense. This definitely holds true for the froggy pedal. Seriously, it makes your guitar sound like a frog. These videos from @jordan.wave are unbelievably popular.


Froggy pedal drop! Hope whoever gets is plays some froggy stuff w/it! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #frog #guitar #guitarpedals #funny

♬ original sound – jordan.wav

2. Donner Overdrive Pedal

I have a few Donner pedals myself. They are very budget focused pedals. You get a solid tone for a fair price. Watch @mynameisnotdrew play Sweet Dreams with this Donner overdrive pedal. I am more of a fuzz guy myself. Still, not a bad tone.

3. Boss Sy-1 Synthesizer Pedal

We can’t make a TikTok #guitarpedal list without mentioning Boss pedals. I don’t own a synthesizer pedal. But I should probably get one. Nothing gives your music a 1980’s edge like bringing out the synthesizer tone. Boss pedals are a classic. Regardless, of the effect you can’t go wrong with Boss pedals.

4. Wave Of Mutilation

I love this song. The pixies have such a unique sound. Watch @bassrilia use a looper to play both bass and guitar parts of Wave of Mutilation. This is seriously the coolest video. It made me want to pick up the guitar and learn this song.


i still love this song #guitar #bassguitar #pedalboard thanks @donnermusic_official for these pedals I’m having a lot of fun

♬ original sound – torilia

5. Running My Guitar Through A Mushroom

Have you ever wondered what is would sound like if you ran your guitar through a mushroom? Well watch the video from @jordan.wav to find out. He has videos running his guitar through pretty much any item imaginable. TikTok is weird.


Reply to @nightshadecat must be all the spores ¯_(ツ)_/¯ #fyp #guitar #guitartok #mushroom #guitarpedals

♬ original sound – jordan.wav

6. This Pedal Runs On Liquid

My friend told me about this. A pedal with liquid inside of it. The tone varies based on the amount of liquid. People never stop trying to tweak their tone. Maybe that is the answer to make my songs sound better. Check out this cool video from @thetonemob to learn more. He is a pedal aficionado and has a ton of cool videos whether you are looking for a chorus, octave, fuzz, or delay sound.


WOW! I didn’t expect the response to that last video. Here is a little explanation. Clips to come! #guitarpedals #effectspedals #guitar #guitarplayer

♬ original sound – The Tone Mob Podcast

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